Human statues

End of empathy segment. Beginning of therapy:

There is no harder job, certainly performing job, than making yourself vulnerable to the world. And you become a magnet of love and hate and craziness. This is why being a statue is so amazing, you are forced to soak up the world in all it’s highs and lows. It does indeed make you stronger because the more humanity runs through your veins, the more human you become (ah, the poetry of the statue being the most human) and incredibly, the more hate you can stomach the more love you can feel. This is only my experience and my theory. It’s not that you become a woman of steel, impervious to all emotion up there on a box, it’s that you become able to take it and reflect it, and this is why what we do is important. Plus the money is great.

von Amanda Palmers Blog

Ich sollte lesen, nein, eigentlich sollte ich schreiben. Aber es kommt nichts raus. Ich bin wie ein Schwamm ohne Druck, ein Rinnsal ist da, mehr nicht.

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